Play your favorite games

Bazzite comes ready to rock with Steam and Lutris pre-installed, HDR support for AMD GPUs, System76 Scheduler for automatic process priority, and numerous community-developed tools for your gaming needs.
Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite
Forza Horizon 5
Forza Horizon 5
Shot on Steam Deck
Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves
Wondering if your favorite game is compatible? Check the community-maintained compatibility list

Battle-tested stability

Thanks to OSTree technology, after every update the previous version of the operating system is retained on your machine. This means, should an update cause any issues, you can select the previous image at boot.

Additionally, images are retained in our repositories for ninety days and can be selected via the terminal. Nvidia driver update broke something you needed? No worries, rebase to the last known good release and pin it so that it's retained as long as needed.

Experience enterprise class security with out-of-the-box SELinux and Secure Boot support.

Run your favorite apps

No matter where from

With the power of the Flathub Linux app store, Distrobox with Ptyxis terminal, and OSTree, Bazzite is suitable as a traditional desktop operating system. It can run just about everything you could ever want - even that obscure and thanklessly maintained package on the AUR you've been using since 2002.

Bazzite is developed on Bazzite.

Use your favorite desktop environment

The latest and greatest by the KDE community, built from Fedora Kinoite. Valve's themes and customizations present in SteamOS come pre-installed.

A modern and beautiful desktop from the GNOME Foundation, built from Fedora Silverblue. This is a lightly customized GNOME experience optimized for both gaming and everyday use, with no tweaks that can't be easily undone if desired.

From your handheld to your home theater PC, Steam's game mode offers the premier console-like experience, and can be extended with community-developed plugins and themes thanks to Decky Loader.

Work with your hardware, not for it

Bazzite focuses on hardware compatibility out of the box, with full support for hardware video encoding and decoding, built in Nvidia drivers, extra HID drivers, and just about every udev rule you could need. Let your operating system work with your hardware so you don't have to.

Join the Community

  • Tom's Hardware
    PC gamers can now experience Linux gaming the way Valve intended it to be
    Aaron Klotz
    Tom's Hardware
  • Apple Insider
    Universal Blue has done its homework. Considering it's a non-official Steam OS it works surprisingly well and is fairly easy to install and set up.
    Chip Loder
    Apple Insider
  • GamingOnLinux
    Including Waydroid configured by default is a pretty interesting choice, could expand what you can do on Steam Deck rather a lot don't you think? There's a lot of things there making me quite keen to try it out on one of my Steam Decks.
    Liam Dawe
  • It's FOSS News
    Would you be interested in a distro that is tailored for Linux gaming? If yes, then we have just the thing for you.
    Sourav Rudra
    It's FOSS


Image Picker & Supported Hardware

Not sure which image of Bazzite to use or what hardware is supported? Our image picker makes it easy!
If you're already using a Fedora Atomic desktop, you can rebase to Bazzite without reinstalling.

Select the image during installation with our ISO, which can be downloaded here. If you're already using a Fedora Atomic desktop, you may rebase to Bazzite with this command: rpm-ostree rebase

If you're using secure boot, follow our secure boot documentation before rebasing.

It's recommended by upstream that you stick to the same desktop environment as your current install when rebasing.

Build your own

As an OCI image, Bazzite is able to be consumed, repackaged, and shared. Dislike our choices or want more software pre-installed than we offer? Creating your own image is easy and builds can be scheduled to keep in-sync with us, or forge your own path.

Bazzite is built publicly and updated autonomously on GitHub and Fedora Copr.