Play your favorite games

Bazzite comes ready to rock with Steam and Lutris pre-installed, HDR support, BORE CPU scheduler for smooth and responsive gameplay, and numerous community-developed tools for your gaming needs.

Not a Steam purist? Lutris and Heroic Games Launcher from Flathub can not only run games from other stores, but cleanly integrate them into Steam Gaming Mode, including: EA Origin, Epic Games Store,,, Rockstar Games Launcher, Ubisoft Connect, your dad's old CDs, and more!
Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite
Forza Horizon 5
Forza Horizon 5
Shot on Steam Deck
Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves
New to gaming on Linux? Check out Bazzite's Gaming Guide for up to date tips and tricks.
Wondering if your favorite games are compatible? Check the community-maintained compatibility lists:

Fearless updates

Thanks to libostree technology, after every update the previous version of the operating system is retained on your machine. This means, should an update cause any issues, you can select the previous image at boot.

Additionally, images are retained in our repositories for ninety days and can be selected via the terminal. Nvidia driver update broke something you needed? No worries, rebase to the last known good release and pin it so that it's retained as long as needed.

Experience enterprise class security with out-of-the-box SELinux and Secure Boot support.

Run your favorite apps

With the power of the Flathub Linux app store, Distrobox with Ptyxis terminal, and rpm-ostree, Bazzite is suitable as a traditional desktop operating system. It can run just about everything you could ever want - even that obscure and thanklessly maintained package on the AUR you've been using since 2002.

Bazzite is developed on Bazzite.

Use your favorite desktop environment

The latest and greatest by the KDE community, built from Fedora Kinoite. Valve's themes and customizations present in SteamOS come pre-installed.

A modern and beautiful desktop from the GNOME Foundation, built from Fedora Silverblue. This is a lightly customized GNOME experience optimized for both gaming and everyday use, with no tweaks that can't be easily undone if desired.

From your handheld to your home theater PC, Steam Gaming Mode offers the premier console-like experience, and can be extended with community-developed plugins and themes thanks to Decky Loader.

Waydroid brings the Android apps and games you love to Bazzite, working side by side with your other Linux applications. Visit our Waydroid setup guide for more information.

Work with your hardware, not for it

Bazzite focuses on hardware compatibility out of the box, with full support for accelerated video encoding and decoding, built in Nvidia drivers, additional HID drivers, and just about every udev rule you could need.

Handheld Daemon comes built-in, offering gyro support, TDP control, additional controller button support - including paddles, RGB control, and more for handheld PCs from manufacturers such as ASUS, Ayn, GPD, and Lenovo!

Let your operating system work with your hardware so you don't have to.

Customize your handheld experience with in-depth controller emulation, including paddles, touchpad, rumble, face buttons, and more - all accessible by double-pressing the Quick Access Menu button on your handheld.

Control all aspects of your hardware from a simple UI, including RGB and TDP controls with bespoke manufacturer controls for the Legion Go and ROG Ally.

Join the community

  • Tom's Hardware
    PC gamers can now experience Linux gaming the way Valve intended it to be
    Aaron Klotz
    Tom's Hardware
  • Apple Insider
    Universal Blue has done its homework. Considering it's a non-official Steam OS it works surprisingly well and is fairly easy to install and set up.
    Chip Loder
    Apple Insider
  • How-To Geek
    Bazzite is just one small example of how PC gaming is awesome because of the freedom you have to tweak and customize the experience. I can't wait to see what else the community comes up with!
    Sydney Butler
    How-To Geek/span>
  • Retro Handhelds
    The entire saga of trying to get a new SSD into my Legion Go took longer than it took for Bazzite to install. Like seriously, I didn’t realize how quick the installation process is. That’s why there aren’t more pictures for you to see what it looks like.
    Andrew (Retro Handhelds)
    Retro Handhelds
  • Cyber Dopamine
    It's super fast, it's snappy, it's reliable, you know it is just a blessing to have coming from Windows and that is priceless for so many of you that like to play on the go
    I installed it on my Lenovo Legion Go and I actually haven't been able to put the Go down since I got the operating system installed. This is definitely one of the more stable, better performing Linux operating systems for your handheld gaming PC, and in my opinion it's totally worth trying out.
  • Chris Titus Tech
    Even a veteran like me, I still run into problems when I'm messing around in Linux with certain things and having a team of gamers [...] sitting there gaming every day, and when they find things wrong they go ahead and tweak the system so it works easily for you so you don't have to spend time tinkering, and I think that's amazing
  • A1RM4X
    This distro is great for any type of HTPC or any type of PC you want to transform into a console. This is for me the best of the best, the crème de la crème, I'm not even kidding.
  • Hi-Tech Lo-Life
    SteamOS itself shouldn't be installed on other hardware. This however can, and it gives you a really close experience.
  • GamingOnLinux
    Including Waydroid configured by default is a pretty interesting choice, could expand what you can do on Steam Deck rather a lot don't you think? There's a lot of things there making me quite keen to try it out on one of my Steam Decks.
    Liam Dawe
  • It's FOSS News
    Would you be interested in a distro that is tailored for Linux gaming? If yes, then we have just the thing for you.
    Sourav Rudra
    It's FOSS


Our team

Bazzite is built with Universal Blue on GitHub by a dedicated group of maintainers, and contributors like you.

Additionally, Bazzite contributes to and includes work from our friends: Sentry's kernel-fsync, The Nobara Project, ChimeraOS, Jovian-NixOS, and evlaV's GitLab. We are immensely thankful for their support and collaboration.

Build your own

As an OCI image, Bazzite is able to be consumed, repackaged, and shared. Dislike our choices or want more software pre-installed than we offer? Creating your own image is easy and builds can be scheduled to keep in-sync with us, or forge your own path.

Bazzite, its RPM packages, and downstream images are updated autonomously through GitHub Actions and Fedora Copr webhooks.
Create an image FROM bazzite Create a fork of Bazzite We recommend the Pull app for GitHub to automatically keep your fork in sync with upstream.

Download Bazzite

Use the form below to get the correct ISO download link for your hardware and use case.

If you're already using a Fedora Atomic Desktop, you can rebase to Bazzite without reinstalling.

If you're having issues booting this ISO, ensure the Setup Utility -> USB Configuration -> USB Dual Role Device setting in your BIOS is set to XHCI and not DRD.
Your hardware utilizes Handheld Daemon to handle button mapping. Please refer to our Handheld Wiki for required setting changes and Decky Loader plugins for Steam Gaming Mode.
Your selected hardware does not support Steam Gaming Mode at this time. The Desktop version of Bazzite is still available.

Use this form to get the correct ISO download link for your hardware and use case.

If you're already using a Fedora Atomic Desktop, you can rebase to Bazzite without reinstalling.

Lenovo Legion Go

A high resolution screen, detachable controllers with dual gyros, sturdy hinge, and hall effect joysticks and triggers, make the Legion Go the highest engineered handheld in the market. With dual per-controller gyro, 4 paddles, RGB, and touchpad that are usable in Steam Input, it matches and exceeds the Steam Deck, there's nothing to miss from Valve's offerings.

Even better, detach the controllers and enjoy the same experience on the couch and bump to 30W to give that extra oomph to new titles. Pop the stand open, dock, and use yours as a desktop replacement, as many of us are doing.

Having the fastest Laptop CPU AMD makes, you'll forget you even had a laptop. The Legion Go also makes for a great tablet, utilizing our built-in Android container support to take full advantage of that touch screen. Unfortunately, Windows may need to be dual booted to keep the BIOS updated.

ASUS ROG Ally & Ally X

Being ASUS' little 'hot rod', the ROG Ally runs at over 40W stock, with a cooling system to match.

Combined with its 120hz VRR display and 800Hz gyro, the Ally is a joy to use and a must for the most discerning gamers. Experience 0 latency with your actions and the most consistent frame pacing in the market.

With granular TDP controls, fan curves, RGB, and paddle support in Steam Input, Bazzite offers a hand-tuned experience for the Ally, that will have you leaving Windows behind.

Valve Steam Deck

Bazzite offers a solid upgrade over SteamOS, with up-to-date kernel, packages, and a first class desktop experience. Choose between KDE Plasma and GNOME, and layer system packages to turn your Steam Deck into a mini computer while still retaining feature parity with SteamOS, including firmware and BIOS updates. There is no looking back from here onwards.

Bazzite originally was intended for the Steam Deck as a way to layer system-level packages to the OS without turning off the read-only root filesystem. It was also to give newer base package updates, printing support, and better security with Wayland and SELinux if used as more than a handheld gaming device. yet.

GPD Devices

GPD devices offer the smallest form factor laptops out in the market, with high quality controllers built-in. It is intended for the seasoned road warrior. Great for gaming, work, and even light machine learning.
The GPD devices are a joy to use, and fully supported by Bazzite. It has out-of-the-box support for the L4, R4 buttons, touchpad, and gyro to be used in Steam Input, and bundled ROCm for your machine learning needs.

We support the all of the 2023 GPD collection, including GPD Win 4, GPD Win Mini, Max 2. If your device is not perfectly supported, get in touch in us, and we will try to get that sorted out for you.

Ayn Loki

The Ayn Loki is our pick for the most portable handheld in the market right now.

With a great high resolution screen, controls that feel great, and sick looking RGB handles, there's a lot to love. We offer RGB control out-of-the-box, and the handheld experience you would expect with such a handheld. We have verified support for the Loki Max, but if you own one of the other variants then get in touch with us. We will make sure the next Bazzite version has great support for your unit too.

Home Theater PCs

What makes Bazzite great for handhelds transfers over to Home Theater PCs. Enjoy the PC gaming console-like experience that a setup like that should have from the comfort of your couch. Feel free to bump up the frame-rate and resolution, without the power limitations of a handheld.

This experience is powered by Valve's window manager, Gamescope, which is included in our Handheld/HTPC images. Gamescope has certain hardware requirements with fantastic support for recent AMD GPUs and decent support for Intel GPUs.

Nvidia still has driver issues with Gamescope and is not supported, unfortunately. Bazzite supports Nvidia drivers on our desktop images, so you can still use our Desktop variant.

Desktops & Laptops

Bazzite marries Cloud technology, gaming, and developer tools into a compelling package. With Bazzite, you can work and game on the same OS, regardless of what your hardware is or what your work consists of.

We make sure our desktop images work on ASUS Laptops, Lenovo Legion Laptops, Framework Laptops and on AMD, Intel, and Nvidia GPUs. Out-of-the-box tools such as Distrobox, Flatpak, and package layering, you can install that one missing package like a VPN client you bought a year ago, all while keeping the benefits of an atomic operating system.

What benefits does atomic bring? A scenario where an update breaks a package occurs, but now you can completely rollback safely and quickly to any Bazzite build that came out within the last 90 days. Delivered straight to you from our image repositories. Rollbacks and rebasing almost act like a cloud save for your operating system.


Bazzite is an official community-support option for Framework laptops, with out-of-the-box support for all of Framework's hardware, including the custom handhelds community members keep showing off!

Enjoy enhanced dGPU support on the Framework 16, no setup, no launch options, no fuss. Applications like Steam, Lutris, and Ollama are automatically configured to run on your dGPU for optimal performance. Thanks to Framework's modules you can even add a MicroSD card slot and share games with your other Bazzite or SteamOS running hardware - plug and play just like any gaming handheld.

Looking to do more than game? Bazzite comes with full support for SELinux & Secure Boot, and contains helpful ujust commands for setting up TPM unlock for LUKS drive encryption. Improvements to power management and enhancements to GNOME allow for improved battery life, and the atomic desktop model provides a bullet-proof base with easy rollbacks.

Other Handheld PCs

Note: A few Ayaneo and OneXPlayer handhelds have been confirmed to boot Bazzite, but are plagued by missing driver support for Linux.

If your handheld hardware is not listed, then you can still give Bazzite a try with our Handheld/HTPC image.

Your mileage may vary with untested hardware.

New Users

View the Bazzite initial setup guide.
View all Bazzite documentation.
Why is the ISO so large?:
Desktop operating systems distributed in OCI containers are still a relatively new concept and we've had to make some concessions for technical reasons. Flatpaks and their runtimes are included in the ISO, and a second copy of Fedora Linux is used to bootstrap the installer. The large size of our ISO is not indicitative of final install size on disk.

Existing Fedora Atomic Desktop Users

It is recommended to remove any layered packages before proceeding with this command:
rpm-ostree reset

You may rebase to Bazzite with this command:
rpm-ostree rebase

If you're using secure boot, follow our secure boot documentation before rebasing. You may also follow the rebasing video guide.

It's recommended by upstream that you stick to the same desktop environment as your current install when rebasing.

Your flatpaks and flatpak remotes will not be changed during the rebase process. Once rebased, you can optionally install Bazzite's default flatpaks by running the following in a terminal:
ujust _install-system-flatpaks